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Cobblestone Crossing Equestrian Center playing tag in the arena

Cobblestone Crossing Equestrian Center playing tag in the arena


Our unique approach to teaching is designed to develop our students knowledge in the Four Areas of equestrian Education: Riding, Groundwork, Theory, and Drills; as well as our course program, which delivers an educational pathway through ten levels. Your improvement is tracked by our graduation system, that evaluates and recognizes your progress at the completion of each level.

Private Lessons

$60 an hour, or $240 a month

Private lessons are great for new students, those working through specific problems, and for those who learn best in a one-on-one environment, or for those seeking to maximize time and advancement. Private lessons can be scheduled on an individual or monthly basis.

Group Lessons

$160 a month

We divide our groups primarily based on age and skill level, so that no student gets left behind or held back. Our group lessons vary in size from three to eight students.

Condensed Learning Sessions

Our Condensed Learning Sessions are held weekly during the summer in a format similar to summer camps. Each week is tailored to a specific age group and skill level, ranging from beginner to advanced.